Survival Tip 101: Friday Class

As many CU students are aware, thursday nights seem to be a prime night to go out and party. Along with the great times, hilarious memories, or even drunken regrets, hangovers tend to accompany these raging thursday nights. Accompanying that killer hangover, you get the pleasure of having an 8 AM class. This may be the single hardest class to attend or just your first thursday class in general. Typical fridays tend to be very sluggish and with the added bonus of “thirsty thursdays” you are sure to experience the longest day of the week. However, there are certain ways to ensure that your friday ends up headache and body ache free. First, make sure to keep a bottle of water close to your bed the entire night. Before going to bed you should aim to down at least one bottle of water along with one advil. This should hopefully stunt the pain of alcohol after-effects until the morning. Then, while waking up you should intake another bottle of water with another advil. Go back to sleep for another hour so you give the ailment time to take effect. Then try to wake up a little earlier so that you can get a solid breakfast in and by this time if you’ve followed to the steps accurately you should be walking to class with zero sign of a hangover.


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