Survival Tip 102: Midnight Munchies

Everyone is familiar with that empty, grumbling feeling you get at the pit of your stomach usually near midnight. It’s inevitable. No matter how much you try to refocus your thoughts to something else, the torment of some savory scent flows through your nostrils. Then it hits, the midnight munchies, once they’ve crept up there is no stopping them. Now I realize there is always the easy solution of hungrybuffs, and stuffing your face with K’s China, but there is always that lingering feeling that you get after. The feeling of unsatisfaction, not fully meeting your hungry cravings and therefore, feeling shortchanged. I feel that as a college student, one should always be prepared for the occasional midnight munchie attack, because it can happen to anyone. By being prepared I don’t mean having a credit card near your laptop, I mean taking some time and thought into what exactly you’ll be craving late at night. This may require an additional, but totally vital, trip to Safeway or target. However, once you obtain these specific delectables you will be much more satisfied after your munch attack has been subdued.


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