Survival Tip 103: Outdoor Excursions

With the constant torment of howling winds and bone chilling temperatures, it can be difficult to find the will power to go spend time outside. Boulder is one of the most unique areas of geography and since we are in the thick of it, we as CU Boulder students have an obligation to capitalize on this marvelous outdoor fantasyland. Every so often there is a couple days in the week were the weather is more than tolerable; the wind has subdued, the air has heated, and the sky is crystal clear. It is days like these where we must utilize our naturalistic side and go explore the fascinating Colorado Wilderness. With a simple slightly inclined walk up Baseline, no longer than 10 minutes, you can find yourself embarking a journey to the top of Chautauqua. If you feel the need to challenge yourself to a level of discomfort, Bear Peak may be the alternative you’re looking for. Either way, you should have an inner desire to go explore the mysteriously beautiful landscape that surrounds this campus.


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