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Survival Tip 104: Meal Plan

Since most living on campus get to enjoy the wonder eateries all around campus I figured I should express some valuable opinions and insight on the topic. Like most people required to eat on campus, I stay away from the c4c the entire week this ensures that I am able to go there at least once during the weekend and possibly twice depending on my level on starvation. Once you have used up the C4C amenities and can no longer look at pizza and sliders, it is time to move on to the dining hall options. First option to use up first would have to be Libby Dining Hall, and make sure you use up this hunger during the morning. Libby is known for have an “above average” breakfast so you might as well capitalize on that as much as possible. As far as dinner and lunch goes, you might want to look elsewhere for your meals, unless rubbery chicken is what you were looking for. When it comes to lunch, the undoubtedly most convenient place to go is the Farrand Grab and Go, however after getting the chicken parm a few times you will quickly want to mix up your meal. I would suggest the burgers, but I have heard from multiple friends that they have either gotten sick or felt horrible after consuming a burger, so I have refrained from those. And Finally when dinner comes around theres no better place, on campus, than Sewall Dining Hall. It has food that is just a little bit better than every other eating establishment on campus, but the only problem is that it takes about 20 minutes to walk to in the snow. So if you decide not to go there, make sure to hit up the C4C grab and go as it stays open until the wee hours of 9 pm.