A Little About Me

I am currently 18 years of age with a birthday on August 15th. Colorado is a completely different way of living for me since I’m originally from San Francisco. It had been hard for me to leave basically because of how much I’m in love with that city. Being home is hard to beat especially when you grow up in the best place to live in my opinion. So far the main thing I’ve been adjusting too is experiencing all the seasons, and mainly acclimating to the winter season. I wasn’t bummed about going to the snow though because I love being around the winter atmosphere and it is a completely different style of living for me. Sports has been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t be the same person without them. I’ve been playing all sorts of sports since I could walk, but I feel in love with baseball at a  young age and had been obsessed with the sport ever since. Whenever I’m not watching Sportscenter or the food network you can most likely find me outside trying to do something active.


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