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Survival Tip 104: Meal Plan

Since most living on campus get to enjoy the wonder eateries all around campus I figured I should express some valuable opinions and insight on the topic. Like most people required to eat on campus, I stay away from the c4c the entire week this ensures that I am able to go there at least once during the weekend and possibly twice depending on my level on starvation. Once you have used up the C4C amenities and can no longer look at pizza and sliders, it is time to move on to the dining hall options. First option to use up first would have to be Libby Dining Hall, and make sure you use up this hunger during the morning. Libby is known for have an “above average” breakfast so you might as well capitalize on that as much as possible. As far as dinner and lunch goes, you might want to look elsewhere for your meals, unless rubbery chicken is what you were looking for. When it comes to lunch, the undoubtedly most convenient place to go is the Farrand Grab and Go, however after getting the chicken parm a few times you will quickly want to mix up your meal. I would suggest the burgers, but I have heard from multiple friends that they have either gotten sick or felt horrible after consuming a burger, so I have refrained from those. And Finally when dinner comes around theres no better place, on campus, than Sewall Dining Hall. It has food that is just a little bit better than every other eating establishment on campus, but the only problem is that it takes about 20 minutes to walk to in the snow. So if you decide not to go there, make sure to hit up the C4C grab and go as it stays open until the wee hours of 9 pm.


Survival Tip 103: Outdoor Excursions

With the constant torment of howling winds and bone chilling temperatures, it can be difficult to find the will power to go spend time outside. Boulder is one of the most unique areas of geography and since we are in the thick of it, we as CU Boulder students have an obligation to capitalize on this marvelous outdoor fantasyland. Every so often there is a couple days in the week were the weather is more than tolerable; the wind has subdued, the air has heated, and the sky is crystal clear. It is days like these where we must utilize our naturalistic side and go explore the fascinating Colorado Wilderness. With a simple slightly inclined walk up Baseline, no longer than 10 minutes, you can find yourself embarking a journey to the top of Chautauqua. If you feel the need to challenge yourself to a level of discomfort, Bear Peak may be the alternative you’re looking for. Either way, you should have an inner desire to go explore the mysteriously beautiful landscape that surrounds this campus.

Survival Tip 102: Midnight Munchies

Everyone is familiar with that empty, grumbling feeling you get at the pit of your stomach usually near midnight. It’s inevitable. No matter how much you try to refocus your thoughts to something else, the torment of some savory scent flows through your nostrils. Then it hits, the midnight munchies, once they’ve crept up there is no stopping them. Now I realize there is always the easy solution of hungrybuffs, and stuffing your face with K’s China, but there is always that lingering feeling that you get after. The feeling of unsatisfaction, not fully meeting your hungry cravings and therefore, feeling shortchanged. I feel that as a college student, one should always be prepared for the occasional midnight munchie attack, because it can happen to anyone. By being prepared I don’t mean having a credit card near your laptop, I mean taking some time and thought into what exactly you’ll be craving late at night. This may require an additional, but totally vital, trip to Safeway or target. However, once you obtain these specific delectables you will be much more satisfied after your munch attack has been subdued.

Blog Assignment #2

This article was something I stumbled upon while looking for an interesting article. It struck as me as different from what I was looking for but at the same time made me think about my dorm life experience. The article describes an above average student who managed to obtain two college degrees at the impressive age of 10. While the article was pretty interesting to read about how a kid that young could possibly be that smart and get to go through college, it left me thinking what it must be like completely missing all the social aspects of life. While he may be able to get a job at age 16, what does that even mean if you really haven’t experienced anything other than reading books your entire life. The article states that he was very active and did many sports, but what happens to him when his friends grow up and go to college, where does that leave him?

Survival Tip 101: Friday Class

As many CU students are aware, thursday nights seem to be a prime night to go out and party. Along with the great times, hilarious memories, or even drunken regrets, hangovers tend to accompany these raging thursday nights. Accompanying that killer hangover, you get the pleasure of having an 8 AM class. This may be the single hardest class to attend or just your first thursday class in general. Typical fridays tend to be very sluggish and with the added bonus of “thirsty thursdays” you are sure to experience the longest day of the week. However, there are certain ways to ensure that your friday ends up headache and body ache free. First, make sure to keep a bottle of water close to your bed the entire night. Before going to bed you should aim to down at least one bottle of water along with one advil. This should hopefully stunt the pain of alcohol after-effects until the morning. Then, while waking up you should intake another bottle of water with another advil. Go back to sleep for another hour so you give the ailment time to take effect. Then try to wake up a little earlier so that you can get a solid breakfast in and by this time if you’ve followed to the steps accurately you should be walking to class with zero sign of a hangover.


Hey, my name’s Jeff and I’m currently a freshman here at CU Boulder. This blog is intended to give some helpful tips and tricks for surviving dorm life. Being a freshman, I can relate to many of the frustrations that come with living in a confined cubicle and my goal is try and make life a little more enjoyable for you. I’ll post a variation of ideas, recipes, or even inventions that I could see being useful in a college dorm room. I may even throw in some music suggestions or good movies to watch in your room, basically anything and everything entertaining for a college student.